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Hard Tops of South Dakota provides fast, affordable and long-lasting kitchen and bathroom surface refinishing solutions throughout the greater Sioux Falls, SD area. In order to ensure we do our highest-quality work at your home or apartment, please read on to learn how to prepare for our services and what you can expect afterward.

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Kitchen Countertop Refinishing Preparation

  1. Ensure hot running water is still available and has proper drainage
  2. Remove all objects from surface and surrounding areas (minimum five-foot radius)
  3. Pull out stove, refrigerator and/or any object that would block access to surface edges
  4. Thoroughly clean surface area
  5. Install sink with non-siliconized caulk.
  6. Any removable or replacement of caulking will be the owner’s responsibility after the refinishing is complete.

Bathtub & Shower Refinishing Preparation

  1. Remove everything from surface area and surrounding areas (minimum five-foot radius)
  2. Remove shower curtain and rod or doors and frame
  3. Thoroughly clean surface area
  4. If you are replacing hardware, have new fixtures already in place
  5. Ensure running water is still available and has proper drainage
  6. Ensure faucets do not leak/drip
  7. Refinisher may remove overflow cover and drain cover; owner is responsible for reinstallation following completion of refinishing process (at least 24 hours later)
  8. Any removable or replacement of caulking will be the owner’s responsibility after the refinishing is complete.

On the Day of Refinishing

  1. There must be no people or pets in the house/apartment while we are refinishing
  2. There should be no one in the house for four hours after refinishing
  3. Do not touch or place anything on refinished surface, including bathtubs, for at least 24 hours after completion; countertops cannot be used for 72 hours

General Care Instructions*

  1. Do not use harsh, abrasive or acidic cleaners on refinished surfaces (Comet, Soft Scrub, Ajax, Lime-A-Way, CLR, etc.)
  2. Do not use bath mats with suction cups as these will pull the coating away from the surface and void the one-year No Peel Guarantee
  3. We recommend regular Dawn dish soap and Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for cleaning all refinished surfaces

* Improper care voids Hard Tops of South Dakota’s one-year No Peel Guarantee

Please Note Before Receiving Service

  1. For safety reasons, our clients and their pets cannot be in the home/apartment during the refinishing process.
  2. There is a possibility of overspray during the refinishing process. This light dust is removable with Pledge and other household cleaners. Any object other than the piece(s) receiving refinishing is the owner’s responsibility to cover (i.e. furniture and shiny floors).
  3. Precaution to prevent damage to our clients’ property, although Hard Tops is not liable for any damage. There is a possibility that our tape may pull paint adjacent to piece(s) receiving refinishing.
  4. Additional fee may apply if we have to remove caulk. New caulking is the owner’s responsibility.
  5. Disclaimer: In the event that paint or wallpaper is pulled Hard Tops of South Dakota is not responsible for touch ups or finishing wallpaper.

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